Useful links

Here is a small selection of websites, services or products that I found to be useful when working on my electronics projects. This list will be updated regularly.


A nice collection of icon fonts. These can be used to make the cases of your projects more interesting:

Programming microcontrollers:

GCBasic, an open source and very easy to learn language. It can compile native code for both AVR and PIC microcontrollers. 

AVR8-Burn-O-Mat is an open source GUI for the avrdude programmer. It makes things easy and best of all, it works on Windows, Linux and MacOS.

Online fuse calculator (Java-based):

USBASP is the best USB in-system programmer for AVR microcontrollers. It can be ordered online or built - complete instructions are available.

Making PCBs:

A detailed and easy to follow PCB creation tutorial (for photosensitive copper clad boards) by Nard Awater.

Soldering resources:

Making homemade flux:,_flux,_flux